Data analysis and tabulation

Medical Research involves processing raw medical data into information, which will be useful for doctors, patients, scientists, researchers, publishers, etc. This process involves analysis of the data using appropriate statistical techniques, and presentation of this information by graphical methods and tabulation. We at John & Jenner have acumen for application of statistical procedures using various software packages.

Manuscript development

The final stage of a developing a research paper is to develop the manuscript. Manuscript writing not only involves content, but also the presentation, styling and formatting. These processes vary with the requirements of the journal and therefore, developing a manuscript is an art in itself. We facilitate this process by working together with the researcher/ investigator to develop a manuscript which will be on par with the journal requirements.

Protocol development

A research well begun is half done. Research protocol is a road map to a project; therefore, it is important to construct a proper protocol. Protocol development involves intensive literature search. We at John & Jenner guide the investigator in various aspects of protocol development according to their needs, namely resource availability and feasibility.

Development of tools

As in any field, tools are key components which bridge the inputs and outputs. The tools for research could be in the form of questionnaire, laboratory tests, measurement of specific parameters, diagnostic tests, etc. Use of appropriate tools will help in tapping the necessary information, and developing these tools requires sound knowledge on the subject. Moreover, the tools need to be valid, credible, measurable and feasible. We, as a team of experts in developing the tools for research will work with the client to help in designing appropriate tools, specific for their research question.

Data entry

In modern medical research, data is seldom processed manually. With the advent of various statistical software packages, the raw data is computed for the statistical analysis. Data entry for large studies is a cumbersome process, and could be very time consuming. We have efficient data entry operators in our fold, who can convert the data in hard copy to soft copy in matter of no time.

Research Assistantship Programme – RAP

We offer short term programmes for medical and paramedical students, professionals and consultants who have an inclination to pursue research. Our programme provides an enriching and fulfilling experience in various aspects of medical research. The training sessions are intensive, and will facilitate the researchers to independently solve problems right from protocol development to publication in journals.


We at John & Jenner advocate for knowledge dissemination. We periodically conduct workshops on Research methodology, basic biostatistics with hands on training in software, and critical appraisal of journal articles. The workshops are tailor made to suit the needs of the participants, and are conducted round the year, on request by institutions/ hospitals, etc.